Coldstream Clear Distillery is located in the very center of Nova Scotia, in the rural community of West St Andrews on Coldstream Road. The most abundant features of our location are the woods, the water, and the scenic horizons. Although Coldstream Clear is just beginning, we have been here well over 20 years and we wouldn't change a thing. This place has shaped who we are and has led us on an interesting journey to opening our distillery.

What we're most excited about is sharing what we make with everyone who could possibly enjoy it. Coldstream Clear arose naturally from that vision and we are beyond excited that it is now a reality. We're out to make the best tasting spirits and the most memorable times - hope you can join us along the way!


Our company is a family partnership started by Riley, Elaine and Robert Giffen. Over the past 10 years, Robert and Elaine have started and built their current business Panacea Spring Water into a locally recognized product. Riley, who has also spent multiple years working with the bottled water business, first learned about distillation while studying engineering at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Truro. The idea of making alcohol became an increasingly common conversation topic as time went on. Countless hours were spent researching methods and learning the art and science of distillation. In the process, it was discovered that the first Giffen to ever settle in Nova Scotia, Mr. Simon Giffen, was a distiller by trade. 

This interesting chain of events convinced us that making our own brand of spirits would be a natural progression. Having the existing resource of the best water around and knowing we could create something people could genuinely enjoy, we made the decision to open our own distillery. Since then, those who have come to know of our distillery have shown interest, excitement, and an abundance of encouragement. We are thrilled to be bringing our fine spirits to life!





Whether it be at your favorite bar, around a campfire or at a kitchen party, we know that a good drink brings people together. Our hope is that new friendships will be made and fun will be had with Coldstream Clear. After all, we're here to make the best tasting spirits and the most memorable times!


Being a small distillery means small batches and close attention to every bottle we produce. We use the best quality natural spring water available and our recipes are carefully formulated for a genuine great taste.  Pick up a bottle, pour it in a glass, you'll find out soon enough


We are no strangers to running a small local business. In fact, it's one of the few things we know well. We source our own ingredients, services, and supplies from as many local sources as we can because we know that what goes around comes around. Raise a glass and let's toast to that.