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Coldstream Rowdy Red Sangria

Craft a SANGRIA recipe? WINE not! Get rowdy with this refreshing summer sangria from Coldstream – a flavorful fusion of Fruit Punch Vodka and your red wine of choice. Our sangria recipe can be made as a serving for one, or as a pitcher to share.


  • 2oz Red Wine
  • 1oz Fruit Punch Vodka
  • 2oz Orange Juice
  • 4oz Ginger Ale
  • Orange slices & Peach slices
  • Ice


  1. Place orange slices, peach slices and ice in glass
  2. Add in 1oz Coldstream Fruit Punch Vodka, 2oz Red Wine, 1 oz orange juice and 2oz of ginger ale
  3. Garnish glass with an orange slice
  4. Enjoy your Coldstream Red Sangria!

Multiply all ingredients by four for a share-sized pitcher of red sangria!