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5 New Coldstream Drinks to Pair with Your Best Summer Ever!

We’ve been hard at work here at Coldstream Clear making sure we keep bringing you all of your favourites, but we’ve been keeping a secret from you… Our NEW FLAVOURS have launched just in time for summer! Not one, not two, but FIVE new creations for you to try that might just make your favourites list!

Fruit Punch Iced Tea

We know what you’re thinking: how could Coldstream’s selection of Iced Teas get any better? We hear you, and we were wondering the EXACT SAME THING. Turns out- it can! Our Fruit Punch Iced Tea is a delicious combo of PUNCHY natural flavours and REAL brewed tea. Crack open the can and get a wave of nostalgia: aroma of your favourite childhood fruit punch! The taste is sweet, but not too sweet. The real tea perfectly balances out the fruity flavours for a smooth and refreshing taste.

If you’re an Iced Tea lover, try out the NEW Fruit Punch: It’s a blast from the past that packs a PUNCH!

Fruit Punch Iced Tea is available at all Coldstream locations, NSLC, and online!

Blueberry and Peach Vodka Water

After the launch of our Lemon Lime Vodka Water last summer, we just HAD to bring you TWO more flavours! If you’ve ever looked at all our cans, you’ll know that we’re big fans of peach and blueberry here at Coldstream Clear. These Vodka Waters are light and refreshing, only 107 calories, and are non-carbonated (so they don’t give you that heavy feeling in your stomach once you’ve had a few)!

If you’re looking for even more peachy goodness, we have just the thing for you! Yup, we’re stepping up our game with a whole 4 LITRES of Peach Vodka Water in ONE BOX.

Find our new Peach and Blueberry Vodka waters at all Coldstream locations, NSLC, and online!

Orange Vodka Soda

You’ve got to take our word for this one: it’s as delightful as it sounds. It won’t be long before our Orange Vodka Soda has a permanent spot in your fridge. It smells and tastes exactly like freshly squeezed oranges, and will be the perfect can to sip on once the heat comes!

Did someone say zero sugar? Our Orange Vodka Soda not only is sugar free, it’s also zero carbs! It’s basically like eating fruit (but more fun).

What are you waiting for? Orange Vodka Soda is available NOW at all Coldstream locations and online! You can also find it featured in our NEW Vodka Soda Mixer at NSLC, ANBL, NLC, & PEILCC!

Fruit Punch Vodka

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Hmm… I wish vodka tasted… good”? Well, you’re in luck. Coldstream’s new Fruit Punch Vodka is…dare we say it, tasty. Whether you mix it into a cocktail or enjoy it straight up (always responsibly), it’s really good!

Don’t forget to try it in our Tropical Punch recipe, which is also available to sip on at any of our Coldstream Locations!

Don’t believe us? You should, but try it for yourself! Fruit Punch Vodka is available at all Coldstream locations, NSLC, and online!