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Peach Iced Tea in Ontario

By Nathalie Kashur

There’s just something about spotting Coldstream’s Peach Tea back on the shelves at the LCBO that puts a smile on my face. It’s like reconnecting with an old friend after a long winter. Imagine this: wandering the aisles, checking out the choices, and bam – there it is, calling out to you with its peachy charm.

So, why do I reach for it? Well, besides the fact that it tastes downright delicious, there’s this feeling of nostalgia it brings. It’s like a little slice of summertime, bottled up and ready to go. The way the peach flavour blends with the real tea just hits the spot, you know? If you loved the peach juice from Tim Hortons, you need to try this.

It’s not just about the taste; it’s about the vibe. Whether I’m kicking back at a BBQ with friends, chilling on the porch or in the pool, Coldstream Peach Iced Tea is my go-to. There’s something about sipping it over ice that just feels right – it’s like instant relaxation in a glass.

Coldstream is new to Ontario, but definitely not new to tea. Peach Iced Tea is beloved in the Maritimes, and will be a fan favourite here in Ontario in no time! The crack of a cold Peach Iced Tea can signals that it’s time to have fun, time to get into #ParTeaMode.

Here’s to Coldstream’s Peach Iced Tea making its comeback, bringing with it all those warm, sunny vibes we’ve been craving. Cheers to lazy summer afternoons and the simple joy of a good drink.